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Heart Space Teachings was co-founded by Rev. Marilyn and Kent Pelz in 2010 as a nondenominational, new-thought / ageless wisdom spiritual community. We believe in this age of the rational mind, the power of the heart can be overlooked. The heart is the empress of the body and the gateway to the mystical.  The magnetic field of the heart exceeds that of the brain by 5,000 times.  Our Heart Space teachings emanate from this magnetic force field. Rev. Marilyn has an MS in ministerial studies from Agape International Spiritual Center and Kent is a spiritual counselor trained by the Centers for Spiritual Living.The source of our teachings is the new thought, ageless wisdom brought into the light by spiritual masters throughout the ages: Buddha, Jesus, Saint Teresa of Avila, Ernest Holmes, Michael Bernard Beckwith and many, many more.We don't ask you to park your brains at the door. We resonate with the expression, don't trust everything your mind tells you'. New Thought combines science and spirit, drawing the best from both approaches to understand Reality with a capital R.

For centuries spiritual masters have taught that all is One . Humans are interwoven into the fabric of life that extends from the tiniest microcosm to the furthest corner of the universe.Yet our human experience suggested something different, and for generations man rationalized the world based on separateness and individuality. In the early 1900s Newton's classical physics gave way to a new view of reality - quantum physics.The implications of this enormous scientific paradigm shift are still unfolding, including the fact that for the first time, today's greatest scientific minds are confirming what the ancient spiritual masters intuited -- man is a wave in the boundless ocean of God Consciousness.

book-coverFOREVER JUST MARRIED  Authors: Marilyn and Kent Pelz. Now available on Amazon. This is the story of how two strong willed individuals  created a successful, exciting and rewarding 50+ year marriage– becoming more of who they are as a couple than as individuals, without stifling the personal growth of either one.  There is sage wisdom here, whether you are married or not.  Click here to order book.


Always say 'yes' to the present moment... Surrender to what is. Say 'yes' to life - and see how life suddenly starts working for you rather than against you.

Eckhart Tolle

Can you remember sometime in your life when you felt euphoric – maybe for just a moment or perhaps as long as a year or more. For us, getting married was a euphoric moment, and the feeling lingered for quite a long time. Some people call it the “honeymoon” phase of marriage, and when it ends, it can be replaced by regret, longing or “wishing for”. People can then move to a condition of wanting the past to return or the future to be better than the present. 

The Buddha had this to say on the subject: “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future; concentrate the mind on the present moment”.   Every early in our marriage, we decided we wanted our lives together to always be just like the initial marriage euphoria, rather than getting old, stale, and repetitive. So, we set our intention that we could be “forever just married”. 

Let us quickly admit that we have not always stayed in the “forever just married” zone. When we are not in the zone, it’s sort like a mini-divorce, which required us to develop another strategy – divorce is okay as long as you quickly remarry – each other. So, we say we have been married and divorced thousands of times, but always to the same person. 

Somewhere along the way, we were given this advice: “never go to bed mad or with a conflict unresolved”. If you have to stay up all night, get it resolved and move on. There were times when IKent wanted to roll over and go to sleep, but to Marilyn’s credit, she forced us to hang in there until we were “remarried”. 

You don’t have to hang on to resentment or anger. Or if you do, absolutely make it for less than 24 hours! Staying mad is like keeping your fist clinched when someone is trying to put a $1,000 bill in it. Sooner or later, we all have to get over our anger and resolve, so why not make it sooner. We’ve heard stories of siblings or parents and children who held on to resentment for 50 years or more. What’s the point of that? How many $1,000 dollar bills slipped away because they wouldn’t open their hands?

Giving up anger and resentment quickly must not be easy, or we wouldn’t still have two-thousand-year-old conflict in the Middle East. Most people seem to think giving in is settling for something less than what they want. We found that giving in actually produced something better than what we thought we wanted individually. The more the sacrifice, the more the reward, would be one way to put it. But then again, sacrifice (and surrender) seem to be very uncongenial to people. They would rather be miserable and “right”, rather than happy and in relationship. As you’ve read in this book, you’ll find that gaining control over your self-centered ego is a major theme. In fact, it’s probably the single most important ingredient in our relationship. There’s more to life than just getting your way all the time. As the old American Indian fable goes, there are two wolves wrestling inside each of us (our lower self and our higher self) and the one that wins is the one you feed. 


Rev Marilyn and Kent have their love measured by MRI brain scan