Author, singer, actor and personal development facilitator. This workshop will be held from 2 - 5 PM, Sunday, July 2.  Charles will share his life journey and the spiritual truths he learned along the way.  Charles is naturally endowed with grace, gentleness and a highly intuitive spiritual ability to help others overcome anything that is holding them back from their highest potential. Charles will also be our guest speaker and musician for the evening service beginning at 6 PM.  To register for the workshop: $35 early bird online; $50 at the door.  Evening service is love offering.  

"SOMETHING ABOUT LOVE" (Awesome Relationships Fueled by Love!) with Richard Kasperowski, Sunday, July16. Richard's expertise is developing high-performance teams and personal relationships. He has been a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator at many corporations and conferences. Over time he has discovered that the team building principles he teaches in the corporate world are just as applicable to people’s personal relationships. He is author of the book:Core Protocols: A Guide to Greatness.  6 PM, Sunday, July 16 at Cypress Community Center, 403 S. Cypress, San Jose. Love offering.

Monday, July 17th -- Once A Month on the third Monday evening at 8 PM. “Align Your Life with Divine Visioning” with Cindy Edelson via Zoom or phone.  Visioning is an important core element of a spiritual practice. It enhances our lives by opening us to expanded Divine guidance.This is an opportunity to vision with a group of like-minded souls! All you need is one half hour and you can call in from wherever you are.  We will vision for your highest purpose and the Heart Space community, as well.  Please RSVP to Cindy Edelson:  Cindy.edelson@gmail.com. 415-309-5565. We will email you a reminder each month.  The visioning phone call will take place the 3rd Monday of each month at 8 - 8:30 PM. If you can't call every month there is no problem. Drop in when you can!

LAUNCHING IN SEPT.        "Coming Alive", building a spiritual community through play readings, performances, staged readings, Broadway musical highlights and musical ensembles and choir. Let your full artistic expression reveal your essential self and create a loving community of like minded people.  Level 1 will be informal play readings on Friday, Sept. 8th.  Level 2 will be more readings and lead singing on Friday, Nov. 10.  Performance of Holiday Season musical will be held Sunday, Dec. 17 at a Heart Space Community service.  For more information and/or to volunteer to participate, call Lucy Witt at 408 6741051.  


Heart Space Teachings is an independent spiritual community, affiliated with the Agape International Spiritual Center, lead by Dr. Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, founder and senior minister.  Our spiritual director, Rev. Marilyn Pelz, earned her ministerial degree at Agape with an M.S. in Higher Consciousness.  We choose to align with Agape, because they "walk their talk" and "sing their song" in a way that totally resonates and aligns with our own heart-felt teachings.




Technically, no.  A temple is a temple.  A mosque is a mosque.  A church is a church.  They belong to different faith traditions than us.  We are a spiritual center, which is still too generic to belong to one faith tradition, so it's not a perfect definition.  But we think it suggests that we are trying to differentiate ourselves from Christian, Jewish, Islam. et al.  We're also called " New Thought", which works if you ignore the fact that our belief system started thousands of years ago.  We are a belief system that is still unfolding.  






Heart Space Teachings purpose as a spiritual community is to surrender our individual will to the Greater Will that is moving through all life.  We are revealing and expressing the nature of God — perfect well-being, clarity, abundance and boundless joy.  We utilize the spiritual tools of prayer, meditation, visioning, education, cheerful giving and celebration services.  We are here for and as God.

power of the heart



Belief is a very personal thing, and no two people hold completely identical beliefs. Just as God does not make two snowflakes identical, neither does IT make two humans the same. Each person has his/her own unique path to God / Enlightenment /  Deep Meaning and Purpose in life.  That's what we believe. The Heart Space Teachings community is here to help you with study, worship, and friendly support from our hearts to yours.  As a wise spiritual icon once said, "by their fruits ye shall know them".  Work on your inside first, and abundance and wellbeing will appear as your outer manifestations.